Work productivity within the UK is being significantly affected by increasing chronic health issues within the workforce . Mental Health issues such as anxiety & depression, cardiac health, obesity and lower back pain are everyday issues that affect most UK businesses. Many people do not hydrate or eat well at work, often the desk is the place where lunch is eaten, and in many situations, activity levels are very low.

In depth research, now widely publicised, shows how introducing a corporate wellbeing programme for your staff can have a significant positive outcome on your intermediate and financial benefits.

As part of our services at WILDFIT, our fully qualified and highly experienced fitness professional can create company and individual fitness programmes, advise on health and wellbeing and discuss how best to incorporate suggestions and activities into your daily routine

We are here to encourage, support and guide your staff, delivering group and/or individual activity sessions, fitness training programmes, present health, fitness and well-being workshops/seminars, also perform and monitor health with fitness & well-being assessments. It doesn't take a lot even by taking a brisk walk at lunch time or participating in desk bound activities you can sustain positive effects on you health, consulting with a Wildfit fitness professional you can be sure to get your workforce on track and improve their productivity and create a positive mindset.


Muscokeletal problems, viral infections and stress related illness are amongst the most common reasons for workplace sickness absence and yet many of these reasons can be significantly reduced if simple but effective, informed preventative measures were made available.

Through informed and supported choices, workplace wellness schemes can significantly reduce workplace sickness absence and help to create a more positive, vibrant and productive workforce. 

Working WILDFIT offers a variety of health, fitness & well-being packages that will ensure all employees have the opportuinity to participate in physical activity, increase health satisfaction and increase awareness of health & well-being.  

We are now delivering Wellness Days fom our new offices, located in the beautiful Wiltshire Town of Bradford on Avon, where you will be inspired and left feeling invigorated from some practical training sessions in the fantastic Green space locations we have close by. All food & drink is included on the day and is supplied locally by Hartley Farm.

For more information about our Corporate Wellness Days, please contact Wildfit on the enquiry form below. 





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