WILDFIT designs and installs sustainable outdoor fitness trails and equipment within healthy and biodiverse environments. WILDFIT’s success is through integrating the the fitness, wellness, nutrition and sports science expertise of Phil Walker with the environmental design skills and experience of Matt Johns and the rest of the team.

Our wood based kit is sourced from FSC status timber and has a 10-year warranty.  Steelwork (minimal) is powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice.  

We have a catalogue of outdoor fitness equipment - some of which is shown on this website - but we are constantly adding to this list and will design bespoke equipment to meet your specific needs, space and budget as well as the British Standard.

Where we are unique and what separates us from other suppliers is our wealth of in house experience. Combining Matt's vast environmental knowledge and Phil's expertise in fitness training ensures we can structure your trail to achieve a variety of results on the body and the environment. It's not simply a case of installing pieces of kit randomly into a field or park, we structure the trails and select pieces of kit that will help to attain optimal results that best reflect your thoughts and ideas and our expertise. Having our own in house landscape designers and contractors makes it that much easier and helps to keep your project as simplified as possible.

Our fitness trails can be integrated into existing facilities or can be new-build.  Where necessary, our landscape architects and ecologists will support the setting of the trails by the creation or restoration of high quality landscapes and biodiverse habitats.  All habitats are planted using local and native species.  What makes our courses different is that we use the existing and designed environment to provide the basis of the fitness and wellbeing experience (e.g. slopes, woodland, long grass, beach/sand, trails, streams, ponds). 

Typical locations for our fitness equipment and trails include country parks, public open space, hotels, golf courses, prisons, military training camps, care homes, hospitals, farms, schools, corporate HQ,  visitor centres, and as part of new community masterplans, ecotowns and urban regeneration.

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, just click the make an enquiry button and fill in the form. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.