Outdoor fitness & Wellbeing goes live in Trowbridge

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Monday 4 July 2016

Wildfit is now live in Trowbridge Park, Wiltshire. In an effort to get the local community more active and to promote Health & Wellbeing, Trowbridge Town Council appointed Wildfit to install an outdoor Fitness trail, making the most of the parks green space

Hot on the heels of renewed publicity about levels of inactivity and the benefits of outdoor exercise, the first Wildfit course has been launched in Trowbridge Park, Wiltshire.

The course, which is open and free for the public to use, includes a trail to run or walk and exercise zones that target different aspects of fitness. Each piece of equipment has clear user guidance and has been designed so to be used by anybody, regardless of their level of fitness or experience.

The activity trail was designed by Phil Walker at Wildfit, himself a stroke survivor. Phil was already a qualified fitness trainer but his own experience and recovery has taught him the particular benefits of outdoor activity in the fresh air over indoor exercise:

“When I was released from hospital and still finding my feet after being paralysed, I felt trapped in a world of depression, negativity and anger. Despite being prescribed medication to improve my mental wellbeing, I found the most effective treatment was simply being active outdoors. I set about putting together my own rehabilitation programme.

“My focus switched from being in the gym to being outside, in the garden, in the local fields, on country lanes, in woodland, on dirt tracks, using walls, benches, rocks and trees as the foundations of my programme.”

And that was how Wildfit was born. Further down the road to recovery, Phil joined forces with Johns Associates Ltd, a local Environmental Consultancy. “The concept we worked up was to design and create outdoor activity courses that encourage people to be more active in a well landscaped, ecologically sensitive environment that itself promotes physical and mental wellbeing.”

Trowbridge Town Council have recognised the great opportunity that Wildfit offers and taken a proactive approach to engaging the public in boosting outdoor activity and using their local green space.

Wildfit continue to work closely with clients who have a similar enthusiasm for boosting outdoor activity and look forward to launching many more environmentally tailored fitness trails in the near future.

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